Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Truth About Aira...

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Powerful Indeed.


Hye..we meet again! 
Actually I'm a little bit 'rajin' today..
& I feel like I want to share my story with you..

Because I love u..!!!
(okay, just kidding..-,-)
Where we want to start eh..?

About myself..

I have a lot of nick names!

My family called me 'kakak' because I'm the eldest..

My bestfriend from high school call me 'Syera'

My friend at UiTM Kota Samarahan, Sarawak called me 'Rara'

My friend here at Kirkby International College called me 'Aira'


I really don't mind what people are gonna to call me as long it is a GOOD names of course! ^^ 

My hometown are Perlis & Malacca
Perlis is my father's side
which my mom from Malacca

It was combination between tebu + cencalok = me! -,-

Why is it 'tebu' & 'cencalok'??


Tebu or 'sugar cane' was famous at Perlis which is ( jalan nak pegi Padang Besar tu ade Ladang Tebu yg sgt LUAASSSSS...:D)
while Cencalok is traditional food in Malacca.

Let's continue...

I love kids..especially babies..Because they're soooo cute & smells good! (nyum2..haha)

I love to smile

I love surprises..but no one wants to do surprise for me..hoho..(sounds awful rite) hihi..it's sokey..

I love peacefulness & beautiful scenery..& I wish one day I can visit Switzerland! ^_^

I really hard to get angry..but once I angry, i hard to be cold..

I'm emotional person i think..-,- in terms of watching movies..
If I watch movies especially hindustan or something that relate to touching scene.., my eyes easily get into tears! haha..Sometimes I feel embarrassed with myself..T_T  (such a cry baby)

I love writing..& collect 'quotes' or (Mutiara Kata)

I love pink roses & white lily..( although I never get any flowers from guys yet, but I hope 1 day, my future husband will give me those beautiful flowers) ..hoho..Dreaming again..-,-) ^_^

Okay..enough with what I love..

Things that I hate..

I hate when people said something rude..

I hate people who doesn't respect others..(especially their parents)

I hate messy room..

I hate ants..(semut) *kalau jmpe mmg innalillah..

* they're small..but they're dangerous! -_-'

What I think about myself..
It'is a tough question..O.O
I think..I'm a boring person but sometimes can be funny..LOL..=P
Many people think that I'm a serious person..but I'm not..
Maybe some people assume that I was soft (because of my face) but I really firm when it comes to work.
& most important..I will work hard to get whatever I want..;)

My dreams are..
I want to be..

1. a good muslimah

2. a good daughter for my parents

3. a role model to my sisters..( i have 4 sisters..including me, 5 princess!)

4. an excellent student

5. a good friend


6. an amazing teacher! 


That's all from me tonight..
Thank you so much  because u're willing to read my 'bebel'..

take care!