Monday, 23 April 2012

Chinese New Year..An event that I will never forget!

 Hye to my beautiful & handsome readers..!!!
 Today I want to share with you about celebrations that my friends & I celebrated at our college which is Chinese New Year!
For me , it was first time that I attended this kind of celebrations..
It was on somewhere in January..It was before we went back for CNY holidays..
Okay, there was many competition held during that week.
For example..'Decorating the Class', 'Chinese New Year Card', and many more..
Here some pictures that I want to show you..!

  ^ Tadaaa...This is our class. 
The girl inside this picture is Azie. She is.. err..I don't know what she's trying to do..hihi

^ Okay this is overall look..
Nice & beautiful rite?? Its sokeyy..I know u're nodding your head now..haha..(just kidding) XD

Now, it's JUDGING TIME..
We're soooooooooooo nervous during that time.
The judges are Mdm Cecelia, Miss Alex and Mr Anuar.

Lets continue..'s gorgeous rite? yeah..I know...hahaha XD

This picture taken during the 'Chinese New Year Card Competition'
So, we decide to draw dragon because this year is DRAGON YEAR..!!!
Although some of you may think that there is nothing to be proud with..


I'm feel proud with my class-mate because we did everything together..
We build such an AMAZING TEAMWORK...!

This cute little girl is MY BEST FRIEND..Her name is Nurul Shuhada but I call her Shue.
She's the one who responsible on CLASS DECOR..or just like a Mastermind..
She's very hardworking person..
Can you see all the cute and colourfull shape- house??
She designed it by herself and I help her to cut those thing..( nak jugak promote diri sendiri..-,-) haha
We also wrote our names in Chinese Words who was been translated by Fanvian. (cute chinese girl in my class)

#p/s: Please search for my nick name which is AIRA
if you can find it, you are GENIUS..!!! hahahahaha

In a nut shell, ( wat essay lah pulok..:D) We had so much FUN during the CNY Celebration and we look forward to celebrate it again next year..
So, we end up as 1st runner up..or in BM, (naib johan) among the 5 class there..which is NOT BAD rite?
Okay..that's all from me..Until we meet again..!