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In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Powerful Indeed.


Hye my sweet, gorgeous, handsome readers..

Today i want to share with you about my family.. 

First of all, let's take a look on Quotes below..


Sweet rite? :')

Okay, first of all I want introduce to you my family members..

 Okay..let's meet them.
The 1st from left at behind row is my sister.
 Her name is Syahindah and we called her 'Indah" but she is 17 years old only okay..???!
(taller than me..='(  hahaha)
Next to her is ME..myself.
 Then the girl in purple is my 3rd sister..her name is Sabrina and she is 13 years old.
Next to her is Sidra, my 4th younger sister which 12 years old..
The little girl in red shirt is my youngest sister named Salsabila and she is 9 years old. 
Besides Salsabila is my mom..!!! Pn.Hajah Azmah..she works at Tabung Haji.
The only guy in this picture is of course..My beloved daddy! huhu..
 Last but not least, the woman in black blouse is my aunt. Her name is Syafinar. She is my dad's youngest sister & she works as teacher at P.Pinang!!!

This picture taken at Little White Cafe' during my mom's birthday party.
It's not like 'party' actually but we just gather there together and had some delicious meal.

Here more pictures..

Syahindah & me..!

See how taller she is than me.??!!.=(
it's okay..coz I will look younger than her..hehehe

Nina & Salsabila

 This picture taken during the night before Hari Raya
We baked 'honey cornflakes cookies'..( sedap ooo..=D)

I love my family so much..They're most precious thing in my life.
Without them, I'm nothing..
You have to love your family too..
Therefore you can know what the meaning of life..

That's all peeps..

Till we meet again..


Do miss me okay! hahaha..okay just kidding..XD


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