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My Bestfriends...

Logaraj a/l Nagarajoo

He's my male best friend...Since I'm standard 6 till now..
He studied at Royal Military College after he got amazing straight A's for his PMR.
He is so sweet, caring, funny, athletic, and really gentlemen..haha.. 
Now he's studying at Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM)

Muhammad Izzuddin (Jud)

He's the cutest friend that i ever had..(Comel giler..) haha
Okay..I meet him when we studying together at UiTM Kota Samarahan, Sarawak.
Same course and same class with me..BM 111A (Dip in Business)
He' from Shah Alam..
Hard core fan of SELANGOR football team..-,- (sanggup turun stadium klau selangor maen)
He's so nice, funny, and really understand me well..
That's why we can get a long together..
Although i'm not study there anymore, but we still keep in touch.
I miss him so much..hehe..=D
One day i will visit Sarawak again to meet all my friends there..InsyaAllah..

Nurul Haliza Bt Ab Rahman
(the girl with white uniform)

I called her Jaja. 
She's so special to me and some might get confused and think that we're twins..! haha
She is really genius..she's good at chemistry and additional math..
She always help me in those subject before
She's kind, creative, and cool.
She also have DSLR camera..! (I'm sooo jealous)
Now she's studying at UiTM Puncak Alam

Nurul Nabila Bt Ismail
(the girl without spec)

She's an amazing person..We became close friend since form 3. 
She is so kind, polite, generous, and humble.
I love her so much.
Currently she's studying at Taylor's College in A- level

Syahindah Bt Saifullizan

She is my sister.
She is my no.1 best friend in the world..
She knows me better that others.
She's independent, funny, cool, and straight forward.
She always advised me or cheer me up when I was down..
I love her so much..and I know she always love me because of the blood that we share..

Although I'm just high-lighted only few from my friend's list.., 
It doesn't mean that I'm not appreciate my other friends..
It just that they're the closest person with me and always be on my side when I facing difficult time.. 

I do LOVE all my friends..& I hope I can be a good friend to them

That's all for now..

Till we meet again..