Friday, 20 April 2012


Assalamualaikum & hye to my lovely readers..!!! Miss me? ^,~ hahaha

Today, I feel so happy and excited because I manage to decorate my blog! hehe.. Thanks a lot to eka for helping me..:D
I already include my Wish List, Widget ( muslimah cartoon) and cursor (the pink arrow)
What a big improvement rite?? hihi..*clap3 for me..Err..--, sorry if I annoy you..huhu.

For my new followers..(ceh..bajet artis je..=p) Welcome...and do visit my gallery always okay..
That's all for now..
C ya..when I c ya..!

This is for u..

I love you all so much..(cute giler gmbor meow nie kan..mcm tuan die jgk..=p)

Aira @ Rara

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