Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Duty as a Secretary of Student Council

Hye my dearest readers..
How are you? Hope u feeling well & happy. ;)
  I would like to tell u my story for today..( mcm ayat presentation je..-,-)
 I felt so tired because I was rushing to finish my work which is MPP Board..
For those who do not know..I was the secretary for Student Representative Council (MPP) in my college.
So it is my duty to help my boss a.k.a YDP to decorate the board..

Then after I finish, my dad send me back to the college to hang the board.
 Fuh! DONE! After 2 days working on that thing, I wish my lecturers and my college-mate will love it! huhu..Hope so..cause I put so much effort to it..thanks for my sister for helping me out..:') 
Thanks to my dad too..Love u.. ( anak ayah nie..hihi) ^^

 This is the board..

The closer pic..

 So, what's your comment?? Beautiful kan?-,- (ahaha..puji diri sendiri)
Although it is not much, but I hope they will like it..;)

After that, my dad brought me to KFC...
I was sooooooooooooooooo (see how many 'so') starving! haha
Dad knows me better..I love you dad.

Snack plate!

 Hoho..isn't it tempting?? Sorry if I make you hungry after seeing this picture..huhu
That's all my bebel for today..hahaha
C ya when I c ya..


  1. Sorry baru rply..Sy belajar di Kirkby International College (Maktab Perguruan), Cyberjaya dalam PLPPIP (Program Latihan Perguruan Peringkat Ijazah Pertama) ;)